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Allison & Mark - Lochside House Hotel

What a beautiful wedding! Allison and Mark chose to have both their ceremony and reception at the Lochside House Hotel, in New Cumnock. This stunning venue is situated next to a serene loch, and is very popular for weddings.

The happy couple chose to begin documenting their special day with a look at the bridal preparations, in a suite within the hotel, close to where they would be saying their vows to each other. Our wedding videographer took shots of the bridal party getting ready, the wedding bouquets being handed out, and the wedding quests arriving at the venue.

Next, we move along to the most important part of every wedding, the ceremony. The venue was filled with happy and excited friends and family, waiting to see the special pair make their commitment to each other. You can see how emotional Mark was to see Allison walking down the aisle to become his wife.

Their reception was a classy affair, with a colour palette mainly consisting of white, with fairy lights spread across the room. An extra special touch was made by naming each table after one of their favourite superheroes.

Once the speeches were done, everyone started to get onto the dance floor and really let loose. There was contemporary music from the wedding band, and a makeshift photo booth with fun props to create memories with.

Overall this was one of our favourite weddings to film and we loved being able to share their big day with them.

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