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How Will My Wedding Ceremony be Filmed as Part of My Wedding Video?

The time when you exchange your vows with one another is the most important part of your wedding day, as it’s the time when you make a promise to spend the rest of your lives with one another. This commitment should be the main focus of your wedding video, along with varying shots of your wedding reception and guests, and this is why a professional wedding videographer will take filming this part the most seriously.

But you may be wondering exactly how a wedding videographer will do this to ensure the most amazing and beautiful wedding video for you both to cherish forever. There are many techniques, tools, and processes they will use (which we will explain further in a future blog), as well as communication with the bride and groom so that they know the order of a wedding ceremony. This means they can plan in advance how they will film the ceremony and other areas of your wedding.

Planning in advance and knowing the order of a wedding ceremony means that they can time everything to the minute and know exactly what to expect. Of course, some things never go according to plan, but this means that raw, humorous, and spontaneous moments can also be captured on film for you to remember.

So Exactly What Parts of a Wedding Ceremony Do We Film?

Because this is the most important part of your wedding day, we will cover your ceremony with a minimum of two cameras, and it will be filmed in its entirety. One camera will be manned with our affordable wedding videographer who can move to capture the action where needed, with the other camera stationery so that it can capture a wide shot of the ceremony. Plus, the cameras will begin rolling about two minutes before ceremony is set to start in order to ensure not a single is second is missed.

Many other wedding videographers will use a similar set up, whereas others will either use more cameras or more videographers so that they can capture different areas of the ceremony and more cinematic shots. It’s always advised before and after booking a wedding videographer to ask them exactly what their process is of filming a wedding ceremony and other areas of your wedding, so that you are aware of how many cameras will be set up and what they need to do in order to capture brilliant footage.

Don’t worry about them getting in the way, however. The wedding videographer will be discreet, moving quietly to capture the ceremony as it unfolds. From the last few nervous moments of the groom waiting for his wife-to-be to walk down the aisle, to the much anticipated entrance of the stunning bride, everything will be captured.

Once the ceremony starts, our wedding videographer will focus mostly on the bride, unless there is a reading from a friend or family member. They will capture vital moments such as eyes tearing up (of all parties involved), a deep breath from the groom before the vows are taken, the rings being exchanged, and the first kiss as a married couple.

The paperwork being signed will also be filmed as this is of course making it all official, and is also a perfect picture opportunity for your invited guests. Whether you are escorted out by a piper or you have a Quaich ceremony, it will all be captured discreetly and in full by the wedding videographer.

What Equipment Will Be Used for Filming the Ceremony?

A crucial part of your wedding video is to have the audio captured clearly and professionally. While our cameras have built-in microphones, the audio is not the greatest, and if the stationery camera is at the back of the room it is very unlikely the audio will be picked up.

To ensure it’s clearly heard we will either clip a lav microphone to the groom, or have a small audio recorder on the table up front to ensure the entire ceremony is recorded. Unclear or bad audio will ruin a wedding video, so we will also have multiple sources around the room capturing the audio of the ceremony.

With regard to camera equipment used for filming the ceremony, our professional wedding videographers will use tripods, stationary cameras, and sliders in order to capture all of the angles of your wedding venue and ceremony. The stationary and tripods help to capture still and stable images, whereas the slider helps with zooming in on certain moments or moving to other angles of the ceremony.

How Will My Wedding Ceremony Be Edited?

With all the footage and audio captured perfectly by our Scottish wedding videographer, we will stitch your footage together into a beautiful and memorable cinematic wedding film. With our wedding video packages you will always get the ceremony in full, whether it’s in full in the film itself or a separate file alongside your wedding video highlights or storybook film. Whether your ceremony is 15 mins or 45 mins it will always be included as it happened on the day, so you can treasure every single second and relive it over and over.

Hopefully this article has answered any questions you may have about how a wedding videographer will shoot and document your wedding ceremony. When you book a wedding videographer, even one of our own, make sure to ask questions about how they will film your ceremony, what equipment they will use, and also let them know the outline of the wedding ceremony so that they can capture everything.

You should also ask them exactly how the footage will be edited and presented, so that you can avoid disappointment and receive an amazing wedding video that you will cherish forever.

This is the most important part of the most memorable day of your life. You want to make sure that you remember it exactly how you felt on the day, and find little moments you may not have remembered due to being so busy interacting with all of your guests. That’s why our wedding videographers will do everything they can to ensure you receive a dazzlingly gorgeous wedding video.

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