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How We’ve Changed Our Wedding Video Filming Process to Accommodate for COVID-19

2020 has been a tough year for everybody, and it doesn’t look like the start of 2021 is going to be easy either. It has hit the wedding industry particularly hard, with many wedding venues closing indefinitely, numbers of guests being limited, and both lockdown and tier restrictions changing every few weeks, it has been a very unpredictable time for many a professional wedding videographer.

While we hope to be out of this by the summer of 2021, we will continue to operate under the rigid COVID-19 protocols given out by the government We have developed new systems and methods for the entire wedding video process within these coronavirus restrictions, to ensure that the same level of care and commitment is given whilst keeping everyone safe.


We always like to try and meet our couples before the big day to run through the order of things, and to ensure there are no surprises so we can capture everything on camera. With the continuing pandemic, a virtual meet up with ourselves and our affordable wedding videographer is perhaps our only option, and feedback suggests some couples actually prefer this! Whether it be on Zoom, Facebook or Skype, we will have a video call to introduce ourselves, run through the plans for your big day, and take any questions you may have about the filming and editing process. We will typical organise this between 4 and 6 weeks before your lockdown wedding so that you feel more at ease and to allow for any surprise changes that may happen within that time!

On the Day

Due to the COVID-19 guidelines and wedding restrictions we are all currently facing, where we are allowed to work, we will take the highest safety precautions to keep us, you and your guests safe. We will wear a mask anytime we are inside the venue and wedding reception, and depending on the scale of an outdoor wedding, we may wear one there too as a precaution and to hopefully relax your guests as we move about to film your wedding day.

We will use our own equipment (not rented), all of which will have been properly cleaned before usage. We will carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser with us along with a few wipes, to clean down any surfaces we may come into contact with. Usually, we would fix a lav microphone to the groom to ensure we capture the best audio of the wedding ceremony, but this will instead be properly cleaned before hand and we will ask the groom to fit it himself in order to help maintain social distancing. We also have a standalone audio recorder if the couple would prefer, which we can put at the front of the room before the arrival of the couple.

Whether at a church, hotel or larger venue, our wedding videographer will maintain a safe 2 metre distance from all staff and guests as we carry out our filming responsibilities. We can stand at the back and use a special prime lens to zoom in without losing any quality as if we were right there at the front of the ceremony with you. Also, we will be more stationery than normal during the ceremony and speeches, as we want to ensure we capture the day but also not make anyone uncomfortable by being closer than 2 metres. We usually would move about, up and down the aisle or down the sides during the ceremony, but this will be very limited due to social distancing.

Editing and Delivery

Dynamic Frame is in the fortunate position where we do not operate out of an office in the city centre, which would make this process very difficult if we went into lockdown or had top tier restrictions put in place. We edit our wedding films from our home setup which includes our all in one iMac system, Apple’s state-of-the-art editing software Final Cut Pro, a second screen for previews, and state of the art headphones to manage the audio.

Your entire wedding video will be edited form our home setup. We will send you a preview of your final film (and wedding video highlights if you have selected a wedding video package with those included) via YouTube or Vimeo just in case there is any tiny detail we missed, and to make sure you are happy with your song choices. Then we will then export a high resolution copy of your film and send it on a personalised USB to your home address. Usually, depending on your location, we would deliver the USB personally, with a couple of treats to help you celebrate your wedding, but of course due to the current pandemic we have stopped this practice for now.

We also can have a catch up on Zoom/Skype afterwards so we can gather feedback from the big day and the final film in order to help improve our services, and to see if our coronavirus measures are working as they should be. Thankfully the editing process will be pretty much as normal and hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so we can edit your big day and deliver the same quality experience as before.


With any couple we will always answer as many questions as you have, and we understand that you may have even more for us now due to the pandemic. We are happy to answer them all and if you would prefer we can organise a video call before you have even placed a deposit with us to make sure we are the right wedding film makers for you. Pandemic or not, we hope to provide the best customer service in the industry, an unobtrusive film shoot that adheres to the current health and safety restrictions, a quality wedding film of your day, and a timely wedding film delivery.

Navigating through coronavirus as a wedding video company has not been easy, but we hope to be able to give the same great experience within the ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions. We’ve changed many of our filming methods to accommodate these restrictions, and have become more flexible in order to fit your needs and any possible cancellations. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll endeavour to answer them to the best of our ability, and to relieve any stress or worry that you may have.

Let’s Connect

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