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Why you Should Get your Bridal Preparations Filmed as Part of your Wedding Film

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

If you look at any wedding videographer’s site, you’ll see that most of them offer coverage of the morning preparations of both the bride and groom, as well as their respective parties. Almost 99% of all cinematic wedding videographers will offer coverage of this for an additional fee or as standard in a premium package.

The professional wedding videographer will spend the morning or early afternoon before your wedding ceremony filming the whole process of getting ready for your big day. From the bridal party getting their hair and makeup done and sipping a couple of glasses of prosecco, to the groomsmen putting on their sharpest suits.

But the Question is, Why do they Offer this?

The answer is simple. A lot happens before the bride and groom finally meet to exchange vows. It also adds some of the most beautiful and intimate moments of the big day, before they face all their guests at the ceremony.

The Bridal Party

One of the biggest parts of the day that is filmed before the ceremony has even begun are the bridal wedding preparations, when the bride and all her bridesmaids are getting their hair and make up done. This acts as a build up to the main part of the day and can help to show the excitement and joy of everyone involved on your wedding day.

The videographer can capture shots of the bride looking pensively into the mirror as she gets her hair done. We also see that first bottle of bubbly get popped open as the bride and her bridesmaids start the celebrations early! This adds some casual interaction between everyone before they head downstairs for the ceremony.

Also, the bride may send a wee text to her future husband, and seeing her face light up on his reply is such a beautiful moment to capture for your wedding film. One of the most striking moments is when the bride fits her veil and the reality of the big day begins to sink in. This can be very emotional, and will show how much this big day means to her.

The wedding videographer can also capture some moments of the dress hanging up, as well as images of wine glasses on side tables, shots of makeup products next to shoes and other wedding accessories, and many other kinds of bridal party paraphernalia that needs to be documented in your wedding video.

The Groomsmen

Groom preparations can also add some powerful moments and poignant shots to your final wedding video. We will be able to see him casually interact with his groomsmen before the formality of the big ceremony, and any other last minute wedding preparations. We may even see the odd deep breath as he prepares to make his commitment, or tears as he reads a text from his wife to be.

The Family of the Bride and Groom

A specific moment we have been asked to capture is when the bride is finally in her wedding dress, we get to see the reaction of the father of the bride as he sees his daughter in her dress for the first time. This again is a powerful moment and one that really adds raw emotion to the overall wedding video.

The father of the bride along with his daughter will share a few special moments on the wedding day and we would hate to miss this! But there are also many other important moments and interactions between other members of the bridal or groom party and their family members or friends.

For example, there will be some tender moments between both respective families as they join together as one for the first time under marriage. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom may share memories together of their son and daughter when they were younger, and of course, this can all be caught on camera.

The Wedding Venue

Both the exterior and interior of the wedding venue can be filmed as well, with using both drone footage and Steadicam cameras. The landscape around the venue, especially if you are in a more remote setting, can be a stunning addition to your wedding film. The drone camera can capture images of surrounding lakes, wooded areas, and other picturesque shots, making your final wedding film even that much more gorgeous.

Plus, the interior footage of the venue can include shots and close ups of the chairs all set up to welcome your wedding guests, so that they can witness your wedding ceremony. This is especially beneficial if you have chosen to decorate the chairs with special coverings and other accessories, as everything you have planned and chosen for your special day should be documented.

The Wedding Guests

You can also have the arrival of your guests to your wedding filmed, so that you can keep a memory of the excitement and anticipation on their faces, and of course how lovely they looked on the day. We can film them entering the venue, finding their seats at the wedding ceremony, and even having a couple of drinks before the ceremony officially starts.

So Why Should You Get Your Wedding Preparations Filmed?

The coverage of morning preparations is such a beautiful way to start your wedding film and really adds some intimacy to your wedding video. It helps to show the build up and excitement of all of the involved parties, and really helps to set the tone for the rest of the wedding film.

As standard we offer bridal preparations coverage in both our Documentary and Cinematic wedding video packages as we believe they add incredible emotion and value to the final wedding film. Groom preparations can be added for a small fee depending on location.

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