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How Will the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches be Captured as Part of My Wedding Video?

Now that we have covered how both the bridal preparations and wedding ceremony will be filmed for your wedding video, the next part of your wedding day we will discuss is of course your wedding breakfast! This includes wedding photographs, the speeches, and one of the most important meals of your life, the wedding dinner!

You may be wondering how exactly a wedding videographer will capture those emotionally charged speeches, be worried of them getting in the way of those precious photographs being taken, or you may even be thinking about how your guests will be arriving and how that could affect the videographer being able to catch their excitement.

In today’s blog, we will explain more about how our talented wedding videographers will shoot and capture your wedding breakfast and speeches, and exactly what equipment will be used. Read on to find out more!

Capturing Your Wedding Breakfast

Once the wedding ceremony has finished, and you are officially declared husband and wife, our affordable wedding videographer will shadow you for the next part of your important day. We appreciate this is usually when the photographer is to capture the bulk of group photographs, so while this is happening we will hang back to capture the action.

The wedding photographer has a limited schedule in order to capture all of those important shots, so we will not ask you to pose for any video shots unless their work is completed and you would like some for your final video. We will also take this opportunity to get some wide shots or some aerial footage as your wedding party spills outside to join the group wedding photos.

Capturing Your Wedding Speeches

After we have captured some footage of your guests mingling, we will set up to film the speeches. We will have one stationery camera shooting the top table to ensure the speeches, the laughter and maybe even some tears are captured to add some touching moments to your final film.

Our second camera will be with our Scottish wedding videographer who will discreetly move to capture close ups of the top table, whether it be the best man giving his emotional wedding speech, the dreaded look in the grooms face as embarrassing story number 1 begins, or the brides reaction as a touching story is shared. Plus, our wedding videographer will film the top table from various angles to give your film that professional look and feel.

What Equipment Do We Use to Capture Your Wedding Breakfast?

Our professional wedding videographer will set up discreet microphones, use lav microphones on important individuals, or even patch into the venues sound system to capture the audio clearly and professionally. Without the clear, crisp audio you are used to from television your wedding film will be unwatchable, regardless of how beautiful the visual shots are. Audio is so important that we will always capture it from various sources so we can use the best sound bites in the final wedding film edit.

Once the speeches have concluded, our wedding videographer will shut off the cameras and microphones so you can enjoy your wedding breakfast meal. Our cameras will not roll again until after dinner to capture your evening guests arriving at the wedding reception, but we will detail that in our next blog.

How Will My Wedding Breakfast and Speeches Be Edited?

With all the footage and audio captured perfectly by our Scottish wedding videographer, we will stitch your footage together into a beautiful and memorable cinematic wedding film. With our wedding video packages you will always get the ceremony in full, whether it’s in full in the film itself or a separate file alongside your wedding video highlights or storybook film. Whether your ceremony is 15 mins or 45 mins it will always be included as it happened on the day, so you can treasure every single second and relive it over and over.

Hopefully this blog has been able to put your mind more at ease on how our wedding videographers will film your wedding breakfast and speeches. As with all other parts of your wedding, always ask your wedding videographer when you book about how they will film your wedding dinner, what equipment they will use, and also give them a heads up on the order of the wedding speeches so they can be prepared in advance.

Also remember to ask about your wedding video options. Ask about how the wedding footage will be edited and presented, in order to avoid disappointment and so that you receive a wedding film that you can cherish together forever.

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