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What to Expect from a Wedding Videographer on your Big Day

In last week’s blog we explained why it’s important to hire a wedding videographer for your special day. We described how a wedding video can help you to relive the day for many years after your wedding has been and gone, and why a big production such as a wedding should not go undocumented. It’s also a way to help strengthen your relationship with each other further. If you missed it, you can read all about it through the link here.

This week however we’re focusing on what you should expect from a professional wedding videographer, from the first consultation meeting, to the final edits and any follow up meetings. If you’ve never used a videographer before, especially one that specialises in weddings, you may be a little confused at what the process is. You may also be worried that the videographer may get in the way on the actual day. We’re here to calm those fears and illustrate exactly what happens once you book a wedding videographer.

Your Pre-Wedding Consultation

Once you have picked from our range of wedding video packages, and paid your deposit to reserve your date, we will arrange a meet up to discuss your big day in more detail. In this meeting, your wedding videographer will ask you about the details of the day so that there are no unexpected surprises!

Each and every wedding is unique, and the best wedding videographers will gather as much detail as they can before the big day so that they are prepared for anything. They will want to make sure they capture the first looks between the bride and groom, any surprise dance offs at the wedding reception, and even the cutting of the cake. You probably will not speak much with the videographer on the day, so this pre-wedding consultation is the perfect time to ask questions and know exactly who will be filming your big day. Wedding video examples of previous weddings they have shot may also be shown, in order to give you a feel of their shooting and editing style.

What questions should you ask a wedding videographer? Important questions to ask at this consultation include: ‘What is your style of videography?’, ‘How many camera people and cameras will there be?’, and ‘What exactly will you film on the day?’. You can also let your videographer know any suggestions you may have for your wedding video, and how you want your wedding day to be presented on video. We will go into more depth about what to ask and tell your wedding videographer at this consultation in a future blog.

On the day

Preparations and Ceremony

Depending on which wedding video package you choose, our Glasgow wedding videographer will start the day either by capturing bridal/groom preparations, or if this option is not selected, they will capture beautiful shots of the wedding venue (interior and exterior), the groom and his groomsmen mingling, and the guests arriving at both the ceremony and reception. This will be done discreetly, with our videographer always keeping distance, meaning you won’t even notice that we are there.

Some more cinematic wedding videographers will capture aerial drone footage of the venue, which adds a more visual scale to your final wedding film. This is of course weather permitting and according to any drone use laws in that area. Any aerial footage captured by Dynamic Frame Wedding Videos is CAA licensed and legal.

About 10 minutes before your ceremony is scheduled to begin, our videographer will be ready to film your ceremony in full. At least 2 cameras will be used to make sure nothing is missed: one stationery, and one manned by our wedding cinematographer so they can zoom in on special and vital moments, such as the rings being exchanged or to adjust shots if someone delivers a reading.

Something which is as equally as important as the cameras capturing video, is the audio. The audio needs to also be captured professionally and clearly. This is something that cannot be overlooked and we cannot stress how important this is. This is why we use several audio capturing techniques. One of the first techniques we will use is to place a small lav mic (similar to the ones you see on television sit down interviews) on the groom, with the small recorder in their pocket. This will capture the ceremony audio up close, meaning that it will be clear on your final film. We will also have audio recorders on the table to capture a more broader sound, and also have backup audio being recorded on the cameras themselves.

Our affordable wedding videographer will be discreet and will capture your ceremony without you even noticing they are there. They will not be fumbling with big equipment such as tripods, as this is all set up and locked in place before the bridal party arrives. The majority of wedding ceremonies are stationery, so our videographer will not need to move much throughout its duration. If they do, it will be subtle as they will not be changing over any equipment.

Once the ceremony concludes and everything is signed, this is when your photographer takes over to make sure they get all those memorable group and couple pictures that you have requested. Our Scottish wedding videographer will capture these moments either using a tripod, Steadicam or drone to add some beautiful shots to your film. We don’t ask our couples to pose for wedding films, we just capture what is happening in the moment and we understand this is the photographers time to get the album photographs.

Speeches & Dancing

Similar to your ceremony, the cameras and audio will be set up and recording before you enter the room so nothing is missed. Our videographer may capture you entering using a Steadicam, but a static camera will be filming the top table the whole time. Again there will be external microphones, and we may even record the venues audio system direct by patching into their system.

Similar to the ceremony, once everyone is seated the videographer won’t be moving around much, but if they are required to do so it will be discreet. Once the speeches have taken place, the cameras and audio equipment are turned off so you can enjoy your meal.

During this time, our wedding videographer may charge camera batteries, change memory cards or review some of the footage captured. We may even capture some more external venue shots using the drone and any other b-roll footage needed!

Once dinner has concluded and the guests are mingling, the camera will roll once again to capture these moments. Before your first dance, our wedding videographer will have a static camera pointing at the dance floor and a Steadicam to capture this beautiful and intimate moment. Audio will be captured either through the venues’s PA system or external audio recorder to make sure the band/music can be heard clearly in your final wedding film. Our videographer may even using subtle lighting for this part as this is usually darker than the rest of the day and we want to make sure this part of the film is as well shot as can be.

Finally, once the first few dances have concluded, our wedding videographer will pack up, and leave you to enjoy the rest of your special night. We want you to enjoy yourselves and not worry about whether or not the videographer is capturing vital moments, or if they are outstaying their welcome!

After the Wedding

The Editing Process

Any and all footage and audio recorded on the big day will be copied to our computer, and then backed up to an external hard drive — the last thing we want would be to lose your footage due to a technical malfunction! We make so many copies in order to ensure that this doesn’t happen. According to GDPR laws, any raw footage that didn’t make it into the final film will be deleted from our servers after a few months. However, if you wish, you can purchase this raw footage once you have received your tailored and edited wedding film.

The editing of your wedding film is a long and complex process which includes selecting the appropriate music, transition choices, insertion of b-roll footage, and colour grading in order to give the film its cinematic look and feel. Of course, any suggestions you made in the pre-wedding consultation will be kept in mind when editing the footage, and we will do our best to keep to your given brief.

How long does a wedding video last? With our wedding video packages, we offer 60-90 minute feature films, 10-12 minute short films, and 3-5 minute wedding video highlights, depending on which package you choose.

Depending on the schedule, our wedding video editor will start work immediately to stitch together the footage and audio together into a beautiful wedding film. If you have chosen wedding video highlights to be included in your package, this will be shared on social media within a few weeks of your big day.

Delivering your Wedding Film

We deliver our final films in various ways, but you will always get a digital preview of the wedding film beforehand to make sure you are happy, and for if you have any comments or feedback. Any additional edits will be done if needed once you have looked over the edited footage. Once approved, you will receive your wedding videos either via digital download or personalised USB.

An added extra to our service is to personally deliver your wedding video — usually along with a bottle of bubbly to help celebrate! — and this is just a little extra touch we go out of the way to include so that you still feel special weeks after your big day.

Hopefully now you feel a little bit more relaxed and informed about the entire process, and know what to expect from one of our UK wedding videographers on your big day. It can be daunting to have someone you don’t know at one of the most important days of your life, and that’s why we make sure to always have a pre-wedding consultation to get to know you both, and to calm any worries you may have.

Remember that if you have any questions before, during, or after the wedding, please do not hesitate to ask your wedding videographer or editor. We are always there and happy to help with whatever you need, and want you to be able to enjoy your perfect wedding day. Your wedding video should be a reflection of you as a couple, and we will do everything we can to ensure that the final result is one you can cherish forever.

Let’s Connect

Do you have any more questions about the process of hiring a wedding videographer from start to finish? Do you have a story to share about an experience with a wedding videographer? Share your thoughts at @dynamicframeprod with #dynamicframewedding on Instagram/Facebook.

Do you have feedback or just want to get in touch? Contact us at and we’ll get back as soon as we can.

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Dec 24, 2023

Recently, I also started studying wedding photography, I think this is an interesting direction in photography. I would like to ask you which application you use to create a wedding video, but in general it would be cool if you showed it, it would be the best gift for Christmas) If you don't have any video recording software, you can use Screen Capture, you don't need to download it, you can just click on the link and start recording

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