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Why Pay for a Professional Wedding Video?

Nothing quite captures the big day than a professionally filmed wedding video. The sights and sounds of your wedding day will be immortalised in your wedding film, especially ones you may have missed whilst enjoying yourself or worrying over the little aspects of your wedding. We believe a professional shot wedding film goes hand in hand with photography in order to capture the big day. This will leave your guests to enjoy the day while the wedding is filmed discreetly by our very talented wedding videographer.

On viewing their wedding video, couples are often astonished at just how much they missed on the day. Your wedding day is non stop and goes by very quickly, so it’s no surprise that couples find points within their wedding video that they may not have noticed. However, a wedding videographer will capture all the major moments but will also catch those little moments you missed. All these memories are edited together into a professional film which showcases your big day as a whole.

But why should you pay for a professional wedding video, whether that’s from us or others? There are many reasons why you should choose a wedding video for your big day, including reliving memories and for sharing the experience with others who may not have been able to attend.

They Accentuate your Wedding Photos

How important is a wedding videographer anyway? Even though having your wedding photos professionally done can capture certain moments of your wedding ceremony and reception - such as the groom’s first look at his bride, having a video on top of that can emphasise and highlight this important day in your life. It means that you can watch those special moments back whenever you want, as well as share feelings and emotions together whilst you look at the photos too. Videos and photos go together like champagne and wedding cake!

Photos can’t capture the words, body language and little nuances that video can. A professional wedding video can help keep a record of all those personal and humorous speeches, the emotion in your guest’s voices, and all of your reactions. You’ll be able to look back at the well wishes from your wedding guests, as well as your first dance and any of the other many magical parts of the day. It may only be one day, but with a wedding video, these memories will last a lifetime.

Your future (or young ones that you may already have!) kids and even grandkids can watch and live your wedding through this video, and see how happy their parents were on their big day. And of course, you both can relive it yourselves by watching it back again and again.

Plus, you can also share a tailored wedding video highlights reel on your social media profiles, to share your happiness and joy at being married to your perfect someone. A wedding highlights video will contain the best moments from your wedding day, and is a shorter version of your main video, meaning it is perfect for sharing on social media. Our wedding video packages include a three to five minute highlight video for you to use however you wish.

A Wedding is a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Your wedding only happens once, and therefore a video documenting this incredible experience is a great way to keep reliving it over and over again. It’s also a production: from the catering, to the live entertainment, to even the initial walk down the aisle, there's a lot that goes into a wedding. So why not add in a wedding video as a finishing touch?

Did you know that your professional wedding videographer can also get creative with their video shooting and editing, according to how you want your wedding video to be presented, and if you have any unique wedding ideas. Options include drone wedding photography, still and moving shots, and after video effects. All of this enhances the feel and look of your wedding video.

Music is also an integral part of any wedding video, and both royalty-free and popular music can be used. Your chosen first dance song can also be overlaid over that tender piece of your day, and different tempos of music can be used for different points of the wedding ceremony and reception. For example, slower, more sentimental music for the actual wedding ceremony, and more upbeat, exciting music for the dance floor and guests enjoying themselves at the wedding reception.

Different editing styles can also be used in the post-production stage to create your perfect wedding video. For instance, b-roll footage can be intercut with your main footage in order to add mood, setting and fervour. Examples of b-roll footage includes shots of the wedding venue, surrounding area, drone footage and even shots of the food.

There are so many different options for your wedding video, that’s why it’s vital to ask your wedding videographer questions and let them know your preferences and ideas, as well as let the wedding planner know your wedding video ideas. It is your wedding after all!

It Keeps those Important Emotions Alive

After so many years together, you may lose sight of the important parts of your relationship, and why you both entered into a partnership of marriage in the first place. A wedding video helps you to remind yourselves exactly why you two are perfect together and can reignite those feelings of love and appreciation for one another.

A professional wedding video helps you to not lose sight of the important moments of your relationship with each other, and watching it back together is the perfect way to spend an evening. It can even help to strengthen your relationship further. You can relive your favourite parts of the day, and share how you were feeling on the day to each other.

It’s a definite relationship booster and sustainer, and is an everlasting reminder of why you are in this partnership together. You’ll see moments in the video you may have forgotten or overlooked, and will be able to laugh together over that embarrassing best man speech.

Our packages here at Dynamic Frame Video Productions are affordable yet creative, and allow you to create your ideal wedding video. We offer wedding highlight videos, feature wedding films, and many other additional services in order to record your special day. Our Scottish wedding videographers and editors can make sure that your wedding video portrays your big day in your preferred way, so that you and your partner can treasure these precious memories forever.

In addition to wedding video packages, we also offer services for creative short films, including feature films, short films and even highlight films.

With video becoming ever more increasingly popular through platforms such as TikTok, a professional filmed wedding video will have your whole day ready to share on social media in small clips, or longer clips on YouTube.

Many couples who decide to not go with a wedding video will tell you that it is one of their deepest regrets. It’s a personal touch which enables you to watch your perfect day back again and again. And don’t worry about the videographer getting in the way, most of the time you won’t even realise that they’re there!

Here at Dynamic Frame Wedding Videos, as an affordable wedding videographer service, we pride ourselves on our wedding videos, as well as our excellent customer service. Our wedding video packages ensure that your whole day is captured for you to watch whenever you feel. Once fully edited, we deliver a digital copy of wedding video on a USB flash drive, which you can also backup to cloud storage.

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